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Company Overview

Bradford Airport Logistics is the North American Leader in Consolidated Receiving and Distribution Centers. Catering exclusively to and focused on Airports, Bradford Airport Logistics currently operates 9 US consolidation contracts. Bradford's "Airport Material Intelligence System" (AMIS™) is setting the 21st century industry standard as airports move away from the outdated traditional logistics model - to utilize technology to tighten security and streamline operations. Every year Bradford is ranked among the Top Performing Supplier at every US airport where it operates. 

Swissport International Ltd. provides ground services for around 116 million passengers and 3.5 million tonnes of cargo a year (the latter using some 105 warehouses with a total floor area of over 420 000 square metres) on behalf of some 650 client companies. With its workforce of around 39 000 personnel, Swissport is active at 191 airports in 38 countries on five continents and generates consolidated operating revenue of approximately CHF 2.0 billion. Swissport was named Global Aviation Ground Services company 2012 and has been awarded Cargo Handling Agent of the Year 2012.

Bradford-Swissport Limited combines the best of both worlds to form a dynamic company whose sole purpose is to help airports run great. We leverage the strength(Our People, Global Strenth, Aviation Expertise, User Inspired World Class Technology, Great Combined Culture) of our parent companies to relentlessly Innovate our operations to be the Benchmark Leader for the Global Aviation Industry in efficiency, safety, security, and sustainability.

Our Vision

"Secure Airport Material Logistics, its all we do... we live to make our employees successful so they can show up amazing for our customers."

Our Core Values
  1. Be intimately knowledgeable of what is important to our industry and provide exceptional service that contributes to our customer's success.
  2. Follow through on all commitments to our employees, co-workers, customers and partners in a timely and efficient manner.
  3. Innovate, measure and improve to ensure operational excellence, safety, security, and sustainability faster than any other in the industry.
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