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Our People

Our people and the culture they have created is what separates Bradford-Swissport from the rest. At BSL, "we live to make our employees successful so they can show up amazing for our customers". We do this by creating a friendly, comfortable, and happy work environment and an atmosphere that fosters innovation, creativity, and engagement. We also equip our people with the right "state of the art" tools and training to do their job successfully.

We actively seek individuals who enjoy making a difference and working with proven leaders in their field. We pride ourselves in growing our talent from within so that when opportunities arise, we have the right leaders to engage into action. Active development of leadership at all levels of the business creates endless opportunities for people to learn and grow within our organization. If you would like to join our team, please send your resume to joinourteam@bradfordswissport.com

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Monthly CEO Luncheons - Bottom-Up Strategic Coaching
  • Bradford-Swissport University - Building Leadership from Within
  • Bradford-Swissport Leadership Bootcamp
  • Happiness at Work Survey (www.happinessworks.com) - Making Work a Great Place to Be
  • Lost Sheep & Angels(TM) - Customer Promoter Program
  • The IT Dream Team(TM) - User Inspired Software Design
  • Innovation Team initiatives - Building the Future Today

Recognition & Awards:

  • The "Monster Board" - Employee-Led Change Management
  • Silver-Swoosh Leadership Award - Highest Recognition of Living Our Values
  • Goody 2 Shoes - Employee-Led Company Humanitarian Missions
  • Employee Recognition Outings - Celebrating Objectives & Achievements
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